Zulaikhah Suite is a Rural House of Luxury. An Oasis in the downtown of Round. On having come, the first thing that it appreciates is the freshness of the gardens and the rumor of the water in the spouts of the Arabic sources.

Garden 1.Garden 2.

The air conditioning of the house is by means of Heat bomb (heat / cold), being able to regulate the client the air intensity, the temperature and the dampness, to his taste.
In the ground floor it has a hall of entry. The completely equipped dining room, it is separated from the kitchen by means of a wide encimera of granite, which uses as table for snack foods.

Dining room 1.
Hall 1.
Dining room 2.
Hall 2.
Dining room 3.

The kitchen zone has electric stove, smoke extractor, washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee pot, mixer, toaster of bread and microwave with grill. It is a zone independent, but integrated to the dining room for major comfort. In it will find the tablecloth, china, cutlery, glassware, useful of kitchen and cleanliness, which it could need in his stay.

Kitchen 1.
Kitchen 2.
Kitchen 3.

The Lounge placed in the high plant, is one of the coziest stays. Set with Arabic style, has a zone of reading and other one of rest to enjoy seeing to burn the trunks in the chimney, to relax with the board games or to see the television, a movie in the DVD or the Channel seeing International Satellite. The sofa can turn into bed in case more than two persons occupy the house.

Lounge 1.
Lounge 2.
Lounge 3.
Lounge 4.
Lounge 5.

In the high plant, also they find the bedrooms. A room for the rest, likewise decorated in Arabic style and it fills of details in order that the stay is very special. Ideal for a romantic elopement.

Bedroom 1.
Bedroom 2.

The bathroom with tub of hydromassage and shower, wash-basin and watercloset, with dispensers of soap, mixing cocks of warm water, hairdryer and the necessary equipment of towels of dressing-table and bath.

The court, it is one of the most pleasant zones of the house, with the beauty of the handles with flowers and the source of stone. Equipped with furniture of garden, parasol, shower and barbecue with coal and their accessories. It is the best place to sunbathe and in order that the children could play safely; and to the late afternoon, a dinner to relax and to be prepared in the barbecue.

Court 1.
Court 2.

To approximately 150 meters of the house a public swimming pool exists, with parking, cafeteria, zone of lawn, woodland and shade. To the elegant facilities of this swimming pool, there come only the neighbors of this zone, which does that habitually he is not scarcely public.

Swiming pool 1.
Swiming pool 2.



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