Our apartments are self-catering acommodations (no meals included).

Minimum rental period is 2 nights (3 nights in case of Long Weekends, Easter, New Year and Local Events and Festivals). Check-in time is after 17.00 on arrival date and check-out time is until 12.00 on departure date. When a late check-out is permitted by the property that is until 17.00 (free of charge). A very late check-out time, from 17.00 until 21.00, will have an extra charge of 20 € (night cleaning service). Checking-out after 21.00 will have an extra charge of one night rate. Guests have available a baggage storage service, on arrival and departure date, as long as necessary.

Keys pick up will always be before 22.00 unless different agreement with the property. If guests do not observe the time schedule policies, they might not be allowed to stay in the apartment.


Pre-booking fee is 30% of the total price of your reservation. It must be realized by phone, fax or e-mail (see contact information) as a rule. A credit card number and expiration date is required. From that moment, property will be allowed to charge pre-booking, deposit and other applicable fees. Occasionally, property could choose a transfer as a payment system. Guests will be provided with an account number in order to pay pre-booking and/or deposit fees.

Pre-booking fee will be deducted from the total price of your reservation.

Reservations are confirmed only after 72 hours ( three days) when transfer has been verified. Otherwise, pre-booking will be cancelled and the accommodation will be available for renting again.

A deposit ( 100€ minimum each apartment) is required. If no damages to furniture or tools happened, the total amount of this deposit would be paid back ( a bank account number must be provided by the guest) two days after check-out date.

Please note that the total amount of your reservation (pre-booking deducted) must be paid cash or Visa/ Mastercard credit cards on arrival day.

In case of Long Weekends, Easter, New Year and Local Events and Festival stays, the total amount of your reservation (pre-booking deducted ) will be charged on a Visa/Mastercard credit card or will be transfered to the property account number 72 hours before arrival date. Otherwise, property will cancel the reservation and the acommodation will be available for renting again.

Please note that final prices are those shown in the confirmed booking document. Prices shown in brochures or websites might be not correct or updated. Please always verify final prices with the property.


More than 15 calendar days prior arrival date: Property will refund 100% of the paid amounts until that moment, with the exception of 10€ for management expenses. Guests can postpone their stay, depending on availability calendar. In that case, the paid amounts until that moment will be kept for a future reservation and deducted from the total price.

Up to 15 calendar days prior arrival date: No refund of pre-booking fee.

Up to 48 hours prior arrival date in case of Long Weekends, Easter, New Year and Local Events and Festivals: No refund of the total price paid for the rental period.

If the guest fails to appear on arrival date, the total price for the rental period will be charged.

After check-in: No refund of paid amounts when causes are inherent to the guest or unaware of the property.


The property reserves the right to refuse admission.

Guests are responsible of declaring the correct number of people (including children any age) who are going to use the accomodation. Likewise, they are responsible of keeping order and behaviour to mantain the social harmony.

Maximum occupancy for each apartment must not be exceeded. Otherwise, the property reserves the right of admission or vacation.

When an extra bed is available, it will be charged 20€ person/night. Please notice that a crib is available only under reservation (children under 2, free of charge). If you do not ask for it in advance it may not be available on your arrival date. No overnight visitors are permitted. When more guests than those declared are detected, the property will exercise the right of admission, charging 30€ person/day. If the guests refuse to pay these extra amounts, they must vacate the accomodation.

Pets: Prior notice and permission of the property, 2 dogs or 2 cats maximum are permitted in every apartment. No other type of pets are permitted. Pets must be clean, non agressive and non disturbing.


Guests must comunicate to the property any failure or deficiency in the apartments as soon as possible on arrival day or during the rental period in order to fix or correct them. Otherwise, no complaints or claims will be accepted.

During the rental period, the owner or other authorized personal may enter the accomodation for repairing, cleaning, linen changing, watering or housekeeping works, prior notice.

Facilities included in the apartment price are: Use of water, electricity, electrical appliances, bathroom equipments, tableware, cutlery, glassware, kitchenware, cleaning tools and products, furniture, bedlinen and towels, garden, barbecue, charcoal, firelighter tablets, fireplace, general cleaning before arrival.

Facilities non included in the apartments price are: Firewood for the fireplace. The accomodations have an individual heating system, so the use of the fireplace is optional. Please note that a firewood chest is 7€.

Rental periods longer than 7 days will have a bed and bath linen change once a week.

Guests are in charge of cleaning the accomodation during their stay, especially those having pets.

An extra cleaning fee (40€) will be charged in your credit card or deducted from deposit, when both the house or the garden/patio are left dirty or untidy.

When a Fireplace, Barbecue or Whirlpool bath are available in the accomodations, guests must handle them very carefully and follow the instructions below:

Fireplace: Prevent smoke inhalation accidents airing the room frequently. The glass door must be always closed when in use. Firewood supplied by the property is the only suitable. Start the fire only with firelighter tablets, avoid inflammable liquids (alcohol, fuel, etc.)

Barbecue: Use always charcoal, never cardboard, branches or pinecones. Start the fire only with firelighter tablets, avoid inflammable liquids (alcohol, fuel, etc.)

Whirlpool bath: Do not turn on the water pumper until the tub is full up to the upper jets. Avoid using the bath if you suffer blood pressure ailment, asthma, respiratory problems or cardiovascular disease.

Remember that our accomodations are independent unmonitored self-catering apartments, so we cannot accept responsability for accidents due to imprudence, negligence or malpractice using any of these appliances or facilities.


It is guests´ responsability safe-keeping of their valuable belongings, cash or jewels, as the property does not know about them or their value.

Likewise, it is absolutely forbidden carrying, storing or detonating explosive or chemical items ( fireworks, petards, sparklers or similar) in the accomodation.

Formalization of a reservation implies full acceptance of all general and specific conditions above for this accomodation.

In fulfilment of that stipulated in the Organic Law 15/1999of the 13th December concerning Protection of Personal Data, we wish to inform you that any personal data that you may provide us with may be entered into an automated and manual file by Apartamentos Turísticos Los Arrayanes, always respecting the right of the guest to access, modify, oppose or cancel the aforementioned data to the e-mail:


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